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Bağ / Vineyard Trailer Online!

<p><a href=”″>Bağ / Vineyard Trailer</a> from <a href=””>Hande Zerkin</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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Alternative Voices Awarded in Warsaw

‘This generation has found new ways of expressing strong criticism of politics and representation, and demanding change.’ – Juan Luis Sánchez, jury member


An international Jury announced the 10 winners of the Radical Democracy: European Video Challenge 2014. During the Award Ceremony on Sunday May 18 in Warsaw, as part of the Planete+ Doc Film Festival, the winners were awarded their prize and all short films were screened. The event appropriately took place in the Varsovian Palace of Culture and Science, a symbol of communist rule in the heart of the city, which now serves as a buzzing cultural centre.

‘Democracy extends beyond the ballot box’, said Katherine Watson, director of the European Cultural Foundation, on the occasion of the Award Ceremony. She reminded the audience of the need for alternative voices and mediums, underlining that Radical Democracy aims to be a platform for the views of young media makers and visual activists across Europe. Peter Matjašič of the Open Society Foundations drew on his experience of growing up in Slovenia, when culture was regarded as something for the elite. ‘But culture is as diverse as Europe itself.’ Matjašič also argued for empowering different voices through projects such as Radical Democracy, especially with the European Elections ahead. ‘We need to break through the bureaucratic and mechanic perception of Europe. We want people to assess notions of democracy and representation, to use their voice.’

Following the speeches, the 5 Winners and 5 Special Mentions were screened. Ranging from the powerful animation on the Gezi Park protests Backward Run and eery sci-fi of Welcome to Oxmouth to the ‘dramedy’Sincerity and the tragicomic satire of remixed Italy 2023 and Party Against Citizens, the winning videos employed diverse genres and techniques. Screened together, the films are an inspiration to rethink democracy in Europe and what role we have ourselves in shaping our societies.

After the screening, Watson handed over the awards to the winning media makers present, followed by a short Q&A. Jury member Juan Luis Sánchez, of Spanish online publication, wrapped up by capturing the essence of Radical Democracy: ‘I learned a lot about the different realities in different countries. This generation has found new ways of expressing strong criticism of politics and representation, and demanding change. Not in an ideological way, but by demonstrating the gap between ‘them’ and ‘us’.’

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Ida Nowhere, Screening: Democracy

Am 10. Mai findet in der Ida ein Abend mit spannenden Filmen von Künstler*innen und Aktivist*innen aus Istanbul statt.
Hande Zerkin, Melih Sarigöl, Levent Duran, AslieMK, Fatih Bilgin, Devrim CK und Seldran zeigen kurze Filme mit einem aktuellen politischen Bezug. Es geht unter Anderem um die aktuelle Lage in der Türkei und um die Aktivist*innen, die sich damit auseinandersetzen: „Mikro-politische Interventionen“, „poetischer Terrorismus“, Situationismus, „Slippery-Slope-Argumentation“, Gentrification usw…

Die Ida öffnet wie gewohnt um 18 Uhr – die Filme werden gegen 20 Uhr gezeigt. Danach ist Raum für Austausch und Diskussion.


Video art presentation and video activism from Istanbul.

Hande Zerkin, Melih Sarigöl, Levent Duran, AslieMK, Fatih Bilgin, Devrim CK, Seldran.
Around micro political interventions, poetic terrorism, situationism, slippery slope, gentrification, food sharing, neo-expressionism, visual mapping and visual-sound performance.

Ida opens at 18:00 o´clock – the screenings start at about 20:00 o´clock. Afterwards there is room for exchange and discussions.



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11 Planete + Doc Film Festival: Screening: Doc Next Network presents: Young Directors’ stories

They live in Poland, Great Britain, Spain and Turkey. Their roots reach the whole world and their stories are drawn from their closest surroundings. DIY authors follow their own path. They experiment with form, use the tools of remix, take a stand on important social issues. Migration, identity, rebellion, opposing the system, social exclusion – they share these universal stories with the audience and look for their own language of doing that. All films were created within the Doc Next Network. Its aim is free, inclusive culture and media education as well as supporting creative projects of young audiovisual authors. Meet their protagonists, the places and the questions that they ask people and their environment. 

Selected films:

Iwo Kondefer, POLSKA / POLAND, 15 min 
(Life Model)
Lydia O’Hara, WIELKA BRYTANIA / UK, 6 min
(My Ukrainian)
Krzysztof Janiak, POLSKA / POLAND, min
(0 and 1)
Hande Zerkin, TURCJA / TURKEY, 2 min
H. Rojo, A.G. Cucala, T.B. Martínez, P. Navarro i F. Fernández, HISZPANIA / SPAIN, 4 min
(Guilt, Evidence and a Wish)
Rahid Sai Barak, WIELKA BRYTANIA / UK, 11 min 
A.Maeso, M.Girón, M.López, HISZPANIA / SPAIN, 5 min
Hüseyin Çifel, TURCJA / TURKEY, 2 min
(Foreigner for Rent)
Agnieszka Małek, POLSKA / POLAND, 2 min

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