We at Doc Next Network, represented by MODE İstanbul in Turkey, called on media makers, social activists and critical thinkers with “Radical Democracy: European Video Challenge 2014”, to become a part of the debate around elections by sharing their views on Europe and ‘radical democracy’ in the form of audiovisual media works. Against the background of the 2014 European Parliament Elections as well as national elections held in various countries including Turkey, we invited them to challenge prevailing notions of democracy and representation, and to reflect on alternatives. Audiences cast their votes for these media works and shared their opinions, contributing to create new narratives for an open society.

The aim of the project is to collect, share and discuss genuine views on open and inclusive society values and democratic representation – just like the forum in our design. Building an online video platform, we aim to instigate a debate and discover ‘radical’ stories about what is and should be happening in our societies. We believe that through our stories and creative media works, we are able to represent ourselves and our communities, locally and globally. This is what we call Radical Democracy.

We now invite you to become a part of the debate by watching a selection of the Radical Democracy videos, including the challenge winners, and participate the following panel we will have with the media makers!

Challenge Winners:

BACKWARD RUN (TORNİSTAN), Ayce Kartal, Turkey, 2013, 03:59

SINCERITY (SINCERIDAD), Andrea Casaseca Ferrer, Spain, 2013, 03:02

WELCOME TO OXMOUTH, Meat Bingo, UK, 2013, 03:48

ITALY 2023, Veronica De Salvo, Italy, 2014, 03:48

PARTY AGAINST CITIZENS (PARTIJ TEGEN DE BURGER), Stéphane Kaas, Netherlands, 2014, 01:17

Special Mentions:

DEMOCRACY, Hande Zerkin, Turkey, 2014, 02:35

BOXER, Agata Kochaniewicz, Anna Adamowicz, Piotr Grywacze, Mateusz Nowak, Poland, 2014, 02:51


#OCCUPYTHEMONEY (#OCUPAELDINERO), Terrorismo de Autor, Spain, 2012, 01:43

WE ARE EUROPEANS (SME EUROPANIA), Jozef Pollák, Slovakia, 2012, 01:37

Selection of Finalists:

HOPE AREA #2, Jeanne Dressen, France, 2014, 05:00

THE TREES OF GEZI, Italo Rondinella, Spain/France/Turkey, 2014, 05:00

KIDS BEHIND THE MASKS, Can Türedi, Turkey, 2014, 0:25

CAN KAZAZ FEAT. KOFF – PRIME MINISTER LET GO, Ahmet Gökhan Okur, Turkey, 2014, 01:10

DON’T VOTE UNDER 25! (NE SZAVAZZ 25 ALATT!), Júlia Balázs, Hungary, 2014, 01:45

MANSION OF EL PUMAREJO (CASA GRANDE DEL PUMAREJO), Emek Filoğulları Benítez, Spain/Turkey, 2013, 05:00

(S)LAUGHTER, Filip Muki Dobranic, Slovenia, 2014, 02:14

RADICAL DEMOCRACY IN PRACTICE, Milan Perisic, Serbia, 2014, 02:03

WE WISH SUNNY DAYS (GÜNEŞLİ GÜNLER DİLERİZ), Canberk Arıncı, Turkey, 2013, 02:20

BEDUK – IT’S A RIOT, Muammer Koçak, Turkey, 2013, 03:47