ΘΕΜΑ: 10th anniversary edition Athens Video Art Festival 2014

2 – 5 October | Technopolis, City of Athens

The 10th International Festival of Digital Arts and New Media, Athens Video Art Festival 2014, is perfecting the “plexus” of its content and for another year getting ready to cross the doors of “Technolopolis” of the City of Athens, from next Thursday, October 2 to Sunday October 5.

The schedule of this year’s upcoming 4-day art, technology and creativity celebrations is going to be compound by both Greek and international artists, having the numerous possibilities provided by the new media and the ways they can be exploited at any age as a common reference.

Starting on day One and the presentation of the representational act of Nonotak, titled “Late Speculation”, the ideal atmosphere for the reception of sensory installation “80 prepared dc-motors, cotton balls, cardboard boxes” by Zimoun is created. At the same time, the academic nature of the festival is enhanced through workshops, including the one specifically dedicated to Glitch Art by Phillip Stearns. Its dynamic is also presented from the relevant exhibition with Glitch Art projects of Greek and international artists, which will decorate the spaces of the Athens Transportation. In the screenings section, the projection of the documentary Codebreaker is really significant as a reference to the work of the British mathematician,, logic professor and cryptographer, Alan Turing, in the digital world. The sound character of the festival will be formed by great artist of the music stage, including the multitalented pianist and composer, Volker Bertelmann, known as Hauschka, as well as the founder of the Greek dubstep sound, Michalis Rakintzis, who has prepared a superb audiovisual concert in collaboration with Vj Codec, on the last day of the festival.

In that way, the creativity is expanded to the edges and presented through the following strands of the festival:

/ Screenings (Video Art, Animation, Collaboration Festivals)

/ Exhibitions (Web Art, Digital Image, Installations, Video Installations, Applications)

/ Presentations – Lectures (Academic Institutions, International & Domestic Organizations)

/ Workshops – Open Discussions (Software, Educational Programmes, New Techniques & Τrends)

/ Live Performances (Concerts, DJ / VJ Sets, Performances)

Athens Video Art Festival 2014
10th anniversary edition

/ Programme Content

/ Venue
Technopolis City of Athens, Peiraios 100, Gazi

/Strand: Screenings

/ Category: Video Art
/ Room D 10

Hande Zerkin | Dasein (TR)

Jing Zhou | Inner Shrine {digital poetry} (USA/CN)

Julia Jin | Dispossessed (USA)

Εvi Fotopoulou | Tiny Drop (GR)

Bruno Carnide | The Light Darkened Within Thy Hair (PT)

Andrew de Freitas | Bánh Trôi (XZ/CA)

Damià Jordà Molinos de Viento | Windmilles (ES)

Dimitris Argiriou | One Line (GR)

François Roux | The Lid (FR)

Eli Souaiby | Take A Look (LB)

Melanie Coles  Single Image Animation | The Immortal Story (CN)

Roland Quelven | Polaroids (FR)

Thorsten Fleisch | Picture Particles (DE)

Gonzalo Cueto | Kit Básico (CL)

Gonzalo Cueto | Globos Negros en el Horizonte (CL)

Berit Dröse | Between the Waves (DK)

Berit Dröse | TRIP (DK)

Jaime Torres & Rosalina | Cerritos Trodden Citizens Disjuction (CN)

Anthi Tzakou | [BMPuPMB]7_v1.1 (GR)

Inés García | Lift (SP)

Alexander Isaenko | The Negative Selection (UA)

Apotropia | Single # Double # Triple (IT)

Benna G.M. | toic #8 (IT)

Stratofyzika | Atavistic Matter (DE)

Jean-Michel Rolland | La Course / La Race (FR)

Filip Gabriel Pudlo | Operation Castle (PL)

Francesca Fini | White Sugar (IT)

Mauri Lehtonen | Physical Examination (FI)

Marcantonio Lunardi | Fall Out (IT)

Marcantonio Lunardi | The Choir (IT)

Nicole Raybyrn | The Serpent & The Mouse (CN)

Vojta Zak | Psycho! (CZ)

Mitra Saboury  | Stumbling Block (IR/USA)

Ismini Xristakopoulou | I’m walking in a place different from the one you are now (GR)

Αleksandros Kaklamanos | Two Little Weeks (GR)

Κika Kiriakakou | Urban Blossom (GR)

Luke Burton | High Line (UK)

xTopp & Dubio | Niemandsland / No Mans’ Land (NL)

Xisco Fernández | Autorithy (SP)

Yuval & Zohar Yairi & Kawaharada | Land (IL)

NoiseGrUp | L’ Europe (IT)

Carlos Espinosa | Under Your Watchful Eye III (ΜΧ)

Karimah Ashadu | Lagos Sand Merchants (UK/NG)

Paris Legakis | In-Between (GR)

Mirto Papadaki | Untitled by chance and desire (GR)

Javier Lloret | Detached Series (SP)

Daina Hasanti | Cool Tour (ID)

Luana Lacerda | Sometimes (BR)

Suokwon Yoon | The Value (KR)

Erika Heffernan | Learning How to Build (USA)

Katerina Giannopoulou | Metamorphosis (GR)

Dangin Leconte | Propagande

Ilias Sipsas | Lumis (GR)

Toby Tatum | Monsters (UK)

Aggeliki Bozoy | Dining Table II – The Time Curve (GR)

Nico Winz | Conversation avec les esprits (FR)

Shunsaku Hayashi | The Seconds of the Suspension (JP)

Niki Pagkrati | Dog Best Friend (GR)